Grand Bahama Island and Taino Beach Resort Welcomes you

Welcome to the Bahamas and Taino Beachfront Resort. Getting here is part of the fun. There is a fast ferry cruise from Fort Lauderdale Criuse Port, Florida, In just a few short hours, you will be here in Grand Bahama Island to stay with us. There are some great Cruise to Stay© deals for your family's getaway.

Once you get here and check into the hotel, there are many things to do in Grand Bahama Island. Relax or play on the beach. Go to swim with the dolphins for a few hours. Get together with the team that will take you on an Ecotour of the island. Take your buddies or family fishing and so much more.

Warm winds and Gulf Stream currents gives Grand Bahama Island that sub tropical weather almost all year round. In the summer, from about May to September ish, temperatures stay in the 80's F. In the winter, around the high 70's F

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Catrin Johnson

Taino Beachfront Resort, Bahamas

Welcome to Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas. We know you will enjoy your stay at Taino Beachfront Resort, Relaxing or finding your adventure. Thanks for coming.

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Grand Bahama Island and TainoBeach Resort Welcomes you

Four Night Cruise to Stay

2 night Cruise to Stay

Let the 2 night cruise bring you here, then stay for 2 nights

  • Pools on Property
  • Clean rooms
  • Beachfront resort
  • dining on the beach
  • Games
  • Spa on the ship
  • Pool on the ship

What our clients say

Staying here was a super pleasure. I would like to come here 2 times per year for just a day or to. The perfect battery recharge.
John Smith
So I wake up, sleepy eyed, head for the door, and a shot walk later, I am in the ocean. Yeah, I'm dying to get back to Rochester New York, Did I mention it's December.
Sarah Donelle

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